Member Tips for using My Tutor Net
September 8, 2008 by Dave and Amy Jones  | 

Use My Tutor Net to create a network within our Network for Lifelong Learners.  The following are points to consider when adding other Members to your Tutor Net:

1.  Make sure you personally know all of the Members you are adding to your Tutor Net.  This will ensure pass through quality and reliability for your clients.

2.   Add Members to your Tutor Net who offer the same services as you do in order to provide your clients with viable options when you are unavailable.

3.  Add Members to your Tutor Net who offer different services than you to provide your clients with opportunities to recommend them to their family members, friends or colleagues.  You will benefit from reciprocal referrals.

4.  Routinely check the Tutor Nets you are in to make sure that you know the Members who have added you to their Tutor Nets.  Opt out or block your profile from being posted in unknown Tutor Nets.  Your diligence will preserve the integrity of your services and own Tutor Net, and it will provide your clients with optimum search results.