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Many times we get that rush when we are finished with a piece of homework or a long project.  We know we wrote brilliantly.  There is no need to reread..or is there? Eve [...] Read More
Mar 30, 2017
Many of the children I tutor have very low self-confidence when they begin.  After a session or two they realize that they know and are capable of much more than they thought. [...] Read More
Posted by Dana Watkins
May 5, 2015
Many students worry about how they'll prepare for the SAT and get into their perfect college. However, there are many quick tips you can follow to ensure you will get the most out [...] Read More
Posted by Essay Queen
Apr 11, 2015
Summer provides an excellent opportunity for students to improve learning skills and strategies!  Freedom from the rigorous expectations of the classroom gives a private tutor [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
May 18, 2014
Often students just need more time to practice with guided support.  An experienced tutor can make the difference and inspire a child toward mastery! [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Feb 14, 2014
Are the Common Core Assessments stressing your child?  Many accomplished students are struggling with the rigorous standards that have been established for the national educat [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Feb 5, 2014
Do you like doing something that's hard!  Playing a game that involves reading is an engaging way to encourage reluctant readers to practice skills! [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Sep 8, 2013
Does your child struggle memorizing facts?  Try music to facilitate learning..  Select a well-known melody and add rhyming lyrics that review subject content. Email me f [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Sep 7, 2013
Does your child resist homework or studying for a test?   Have you heard from teachers and others that your child is bright but lazy?   Engagement in academics is a c [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Sep 5, 2013
Specializing in elementary and middle school academic support.   Each individual is an unique learner with individual differences. My practice guides struggling stud [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Aug 21, 2012