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Trainer - Health & Fitness, Athletics
White, TN
Wresting, Track & Field, Speed, Personal Training, Mixed Martial Arts, Ju Jitsu, Football, Cross Training, Cross Country, Conditioning, Baseball, Agil [...]
Tutoring Services - Mentoring, Languages, Health & Fitness, Academics
Bronx, NY
Yoga, Writing, Social - SEL, SAT II, Reading, Latin, Greek
Private Tutor - Academics
Polk, FL
Writing, Social Studies, Science, Reading, Math, Literature, English
Private Tutor - Dance, Academics
New York, NY
Reading, Math, Hip Hop
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As an adult, student, or parent, it is common to experience a lack of confidence in dealing with numbers.  Thi [...]
Posted by Terry VanNoy
Movement dysfunction causes brief momentary loss NeuroMuscular control which can lead to Pain & Injury due to t [...]
Posted by Joel Crandall
A good way to help and reinforce math for a child is to play games with them and follow up with a reading about the [...]
Posted by Cindy
Another way to help a child understand and comprehend what he or she is reading is by having them read and then at [...]
Posted by Cindy