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Safety & Security

A primary goal of Private Tutor Directory is to provide a safe online environment in which Students (Guests) and Tutors (Members) may interact freely and confidently. In order to ensure optimum safety while securing private tutoring service through our website, we have incorporated the following features:

  • Private Email Forms
  • Email Verification for Tutor Account Creation
  • Email Verification for Tutor Requests
  • Contact Information Display Preferences for Tutor Profiles
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption on Secure Pages
  • Periodic Membership Review
  • Member Photos, References, and available Background Checks

To report a safety or security issue, suspicious tutor request, or a violation of our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, email us at security@privatetutordirectory.com, or Contact Us.

Online Safety Resources

We recommend the following resources for tips and advice on using the internet safely.