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Promote Your Tutoring Business

Do You Own or Manage a Tutoring Business?

Create a Private Tutor Directory™ Business Profile to include your company in our Network for Lifelong Learners & Teachers™. Registering for a Business Profile will provide you and your tutors with powerful marketing tools designed to help you grow your business. 

Business Membership

Standard Private Tutor Directory™ Member Profiles are for individuals seeking to promote their own private tutoring services. If you own or manage a tutoring business or learning center etc., you'll need to registister for or upgrade to a Business Membership in order to be listed in our directory.

A Business Membership will give you access to a unique set of tools used to promote your brand and empower your tutors to attract new students and new business to your Business Profile and company.

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What are the Benefits of a Business Profile?

We recognize that many students and parents prefer to secure private tutoring services through established businesses rather than individual tutors, so we provide our students and families with the ability to include tutoring businesses in their search results to best meet their tutoring needs. In order for your tutoring business to appear in these targeted searches, you'll need a Business Profile.

As a Business Member, you are provided with the tools to promote your business and your tutors' services in our Directory. A guest viewing your Business Profile can see all of your available tutors and their subjects and specialties. Guests viewing your tutors' individual Member Profiles, will see that they tutor for you and are just a click away from your Business Profile and your entire network of tutors.

Private Tutor Directory™ also promotes your tutoring business throughout our vast social media network, pushing your brand to hundred's of thousands of Members, Guests and Friends.

How Will My Business Appear in Search Results?

Your Business Profile will function differently in search results compared to an individual Member Profile in two ways.

  1. Your Business Profile will be highlighted within the results with a Business Badge. This lets our Guests know that you are a tutoring company and likely have multiple tutors available.
  2. Guests are able to expand your Business Profile listing to view all of your tutors without leaving the search results. This is a useful tool to help our Guests quickly identify businesses that have the staff and services required to satisfy all of their needs.

How Much Does a Business Membership Cost?

Business Memberships are purchased in 6 or 12 month increments, and you can extend [or cancel] your Membership at any time.

6-month Business Membership: $300 $150*

12-month Business Membership: $500 $250*

* Use Promo Code LIFETIME to lock in 50% Savings for the lifetime of your membership!

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