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Trainer in North Hollywood, CA - Los Angeles County  |  (310) 430-5145
Injury, Pain & Performance






BSE Physical Education at SUNY Cortland

Joel Crandall, Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist graduated from SUNY-Cortland in 1991. He has spent the past 24 years fine tuning and mastering innovative advancements in Exercise Science, Biomechanical Symmetry and Structural Joint Balancing at PhysioCareCenter- Injury, Pain, Prevention and Performance Clinic in Los Angeles, California. 

PhysioCareCenter Assesses, Corrects and SYNCs the Whole Body by creating Symmetry of the Cranial and Skeletal Keystones of Structure through Joint Balancing Movements to create Dynamic Kinesthetic Stability, eliminate PAIN and dysfunctions while Restoring the Body's ability to achieve optimal performance.   

With over 2 decades of experience and practical knowledge of Strength Training & Bodywork, Joel has unique and proven ways for increased performance and a pain free life.  

Joel is available Sharing the knowledge and education through hands on classes, clinics, workshops, SKYPE, and Seminars on the STRUCTURAL JOINT BALANCING - VOILÀ System

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