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DBQ essay writing
October 21, 2008 by Vanessa  | 

“How to Write a DBQ Essay”

I.   Introduction

A.)  It should begin with a topic sentence
B.)  It should provide background information to “set the scene” (what preceded, caused or led to this development/event/issue)
C.)  Define terms/ideas/policy
D.)  The last sentence/sentences of the introduction must be a thesis statement that describes what you are going to prove or that shows the connections between and among the parts of the TASK

II.  Body Paragraphs (number of these is according to number of tasks)

A.)  Each paragraph should provide facts addressing each task. The essay should not revolve around the documents
B.)  Each essay should include important information pulled from the documents (avoid quoting information from documents)                                              
i.      The document information should be described briefly to support your facts                                                          
ii.      You may refer to your document in several ways: “As seen in document four…,” “As shown in document two…,” “Document three shows….,” or simply reference the document number in parenthesis.  Just be sure to refer to the document number
C.)  Each paragraph should include supporting details, including outside information
D.)  Each paragraph should include your analysis in order to strengthen and support your argument (In other words, why are you including this fact or detail?  Explain how it helps you make your point)
E.) Cite details, specific examples, reasons, dates, events, persons, places and statistics

III.  Conclusion

A.)  Briefly summarize the main ideas of your essay
B.)  You must restate your thesis to remind your reader of the purpose of the essay
C.)  Note cause/effect relationships
D.)  Do not add new information; your essay is coming to a close and should feel that way to the reader  

*** Don’t use “I” “Me” “You” “We”
*** Leave out your personal opinions, unless you are directly asked in the task

Sentences to avoid

I am going to tell you…

In this essay I am going to tell you…

As you can see…

You are about to find out from me…