Private Tutor in Rolling Hills Estates, CA - Los Angeles County
Specializing in ESL, English, writing, reading, history, philosophy, and the humanities



My schedule varies by the day, so just call me to find out what hours I have open for your needs. I do work mornings, afternoons, weekends, and even late nights sometimes.

My phone number is:  (310) 377-2627


Bachelor's degrees in two academic fields
Graduate degree in interdisciplinary studies
TESOL certified
Business professional degree

If you are looking for a master instructor, look no further. Years of experience, several academic degrees, and a caring heart make me the most effective private tutor you could have. My dedication to teaching has earned me nothing but praise from all my students. I have NEVER had a dissatisfied student client.

I can take a complex subject and break it down into its component parts, making it easy for you to understand. I really care about how well you do, am patient with slow learners, and use every means at my disposal to help you comprehend the subject you are struggling with.

Students from ages 6 though college have benefitted from my instruction. As I hold a graduate degree, have a bachelors in two subjects, and have completed upper levels courses in America's most prestigious professional degree business school, I am truly multi-disciplinary.

You can choose to be tutored in your home or a library near you or, for a lower rate, you are welcome to come to our beautiful classrooms here in Palos Verdes at 655 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 110, Rolling Hills Estates, CA.
We are located directly across the street from the popular Peninsula Center Library.

We have other tutors who specialize in all levels of math, chemistry, neuroscience, and in Russian and Mandarin language. Their rates will vary, and some are as low as $17 per hour.

If you need help in any of the following subjects, I'm here to assist you:

American history
European history
World history
Thesis editing and proofreading
Public speaking
Interpersonal communications
Personality development
Physical Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Comparative religion
Art history
Art appreciation
Study skills
General for grades 1-6
Political science
Social studies
Business law
Real estate

I hope to hear from you soon, I look forward to meeting you. Call me at (310) 377-2627 anytime. Feel free to leave a message 24/7 if no one picks up, and I'll get back to you quickly.

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