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Coach in Delray Beach, FL - Palm Beach County
Be a Better WRITER * Get a Better GRADE * Get a Better JOB!


We will arrange a convenient day and time to meet your needs and schedule. I am available Monday - Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


$50 / hour


I attended Boston University and graduated, with a BA, English, from Fairleigh Dickinson University. But mastering a skill, such as writing, comes from doing. First as a high school English teacher, then writing ads, brochures, video scripts, direct mail and public relations for a dynamic graphic design and production company. We provided top quality - even groundbreaking - creative services for Fortune 500 companies in the NY/NJ/CT corporate corridor. The writing teacher learned to write.

I later founded and published a weekly community newspaper, 1997-2004, which was one of the loves of my life; and it almost killed me. The devil was in the details and the "drop dead" deadlines. But what doesn't kill you makes you a stronger, faster, better writer, indeed!

I have written four feature film screenplays and worked as a writer in Marketing Communications (websites, blogs, eBlasts, landing pages) for over 20 years.

Good WRITERS are not born - they're created! Learn to WRITE in 5 sessions!
I'm, Beth, a private Writing Coach, former English teacher and Newspaper Publisher with 20 years as a professional writer. You will improve your GRADES, ace ESSAYS, TERM PAPERS and COLLEGE ENTRANCE STATEMENTS. Learn the skills of great writing and avoid the most common mistakes.

This is NOT about nouns and verbs. These are NOT tips and techniques you might learn in school. These are tips and techniques to add COLOR, INTEREST, EXCITEMENT and POWER to your words. Inform, inspire, persuade or provoke; writing is about communication. Good writing is about communicating well.

We'll review your past work, then start working on your future. From first draft, re-writing and proofreading to final polish, you will learn to create with your mind and your heart - I will make you shine. SKYPE, WHATSAPP or phone lessons at $50/session. Let's go - call now!

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