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Laguna Hills High School, 1995: High school diploma, Graduated in the top 30 students out of 500

Brandeis University, 1999, in Waltham, MA: Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics and Secondary Education, Dean’s List – Spring 1996, Fall 1996, Fall 1999, Obtained a Massachusetts and California Single Subject Teaching Credential

With the belief that everyone was put on this Earth for a reason, David set out on a mission.  David realized his goals when his eyes were opened to the world of education, and that world concerned itself with preparing students for the next stage of their existence, disclosing information in a way that was understandable and enjoyable, and making a positive difference in as many people’s lives as was possible.  With those standards in mind, David took his rightful place in this world as a teacher.

In 1999, David graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Brandeis University (Waltham, MA), with a double major in Mathematics and Secondary Education.  Along with attaining a preliminary single subject teaching credential in Massachusetts and California, he passed all CBEST and CSET Mathematics subtests.  In addition, he started teaching immediately following his return to California, after graduation, in the fall of 2000.  Since then, David has been a tutor, privately and at a learning center, as well as a lead teacher in the classroom at many different levels, including middle and high school (Tustin, Aliso Viejo, and Waltham).  David is considered a specialist in the courses of Pre–Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre–Calculus, and Calculus.  David is also an annual member of the California Math Council and National Council for Teachers of Mathematics.  With continued professional development, David becomes better suited to fill the gaps of a student, make them feel comfortable in a usually challenging environment, openly has a dialogue to speak with students on their level, and ultimately achieves the manageable goals that have been established.  All this experience + his acquired skills sets = a caring and qualified professional with dedication to continuous support of the concepts and providing relevant strategies to retain and understand the topics.

In his free time, David’s interests consist of sports, music, and comic books.  David finds piece of mind going to concerts and getting wrapped up in movies made by Marvel and DC.  David loves watching his teams from the Boston area perform well, and as long as they are winning, then he is a happy camper.

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