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Private Tutor in Tomball, TX - Harris County
The Master Tutor


Monday, and Thursday afternoons & evenings.   Some Saturday mornings.


$49.00 / hour


Stephen F. Austin State University                             Nacogdoches, TX   Two Master Degrees from SWBTS                                 Fort Worth, TX

Retired teacher Biology major:  taught biology, integrated sciences                       (chemistry & physics) English minor:  grammatically correct speech            Pofessional speaker& comedian (after dinner speaker): inspirational/funny             Published author (7 magazine articles; 1 summer youth program):   writing.  Excell in Math: middle school math, business math, plus algebra, geometry:  Motivator -as speaker and personal instructor, working toward the positive.  Instructor for Cognitive Intervention:  identifying negative thinking and erroneous thinking and discovering how to change it for personal success.

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