Private Tutor in Mission Viejo, CA - Orange County
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I'm available Monday through Saturday from 8am to 7pm for in person tutoring.  For online tutoring, I'm available 6am to 10pm.


$35 / hour


MA in Anthropology from California State University Fullerton.  Graduated with a 3.7 in January of 2009.  BA from University of California Irvine in both Anthropology and Political Science.  Graduated with a 3.4 in June of 2006.

I have been tutoring for over 15 years.  I began volunteering while I was in high school, tutoring kids at the junior high my mom taught at.  I continued to tutor through college.  While in grad school I decided to take it to the next level and began tutoring professionally.  That was in October of 2006, I have been tutoring professionally ever since.  I love working with kids, especially teenagers.  My studies have always focused on youth culture and behavior, which I feel have given me a certain edge in working with kids who are at a difficult age.  I believe in every student I work with.  My goal is to show them how to get to where the want or need to go. 

A little bit about me personally.  I love to write.  In my spare time, which I have little of, I'm working on a novel.  I'm a mom to two amazing little people.  Both are under 4 so my home is full of toys, art and noise which I love.  I love music, all kinds.  I listen to everything from punk to classical depending on my mood.

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