Private Tutor in Ozone Park, NY - Queens County
Graduate Student in New York Polytechnic school of Engineering(NYU-POLY)
Hi,   This is Jaahnavi Arja. I'm a graduate student in New York Polytechnic school of Engineering (NYU-POLY) I am very patient and very much interested in tutoring. I can definitely make the students feel confident by teaching them in a way that suits them. I don't work just for money I know the satisfaction I get when I make things/ topics easy for a student. I hope students enjoy the subject rather than feeling it a pressure/burden.  I'm a private tutor whose mission is to raise your grades and self-esteem. I specialize in Math, English/ELA, Science, U.S. History, and writing from 3rd grade to college, GED/TASC. I also specialize in SAT and GED prep.  I dealt with the elementary English, maths and state exams. I tutor: -Math (college/high school level including math A/B or your equivalent of high school math) -Chemistry (college level intro and organic chemistry as well as high school chemistry) -Physics (college level, including intro physics and high school physics) -Earth Science -Study skills- years of education at the graduate and undergraduate levels have taught me a lot of important lessons the hard way. Get them from me before you go to college!   Is physics/chemistry/math getting you down? For some people, these topics give people real trouble. Perhaps it is because they are so abstract. Unlike in biology where there is a lot of memorization, math and science is all about the concepts and sometimes it can be quite random. For example you might be given an equation that relates force, mass, and acceleration and then be asked what happens with a bear slips on some ice or what happens to a record player when a piece of gum is spit onto it.    I will help you with whatever problems you have with the material and make sure to explain each concept in a way that makes sense to you. If something isn't registering, I will switch the angle at which I am explaining the concept.    Often times math and science students are afraid to go to the problems unless they completely understand the material explained in the chapter. This is a noble approach but it sometimes is detrimental. I always tell my students to read the chapter once or twice with a relaxed state of mind and then go straight to the problems. It is through working the problems that students really start to get a better understanding of the material.    With me you will do tons of problems. The more problems you do, the better you will be. End of Story. I will guide you through them.    I am fun and easy going. I've been tutoring physics, math, and chemistry since I was a second semester at New York University. I especially love tutoring the SAT II and AP exams. I get great satisfaction when my students get 5's or above 750's on the SAT IIs.  I've been teaching Math for the SAT / Subject Tests for 3+ years now and have developed an arsenal of tools to guarantee a good score. I teach from the rudimentary level up, leaving students with a firm grasp of the concepts. I am patient, creative, and capable of molding my style to suit the specific needs and learning style of any student. I earned a degree in math from a top-5 school and scored in the top 8% on the GRE, so you can be confident in my knowledge.   If you are just looking for help with your HW I can do that as well.    I won top ten positions in the international poetry competition and many national awards in Essay writing competitions. I love maths a lot and I always try to find easy way to solve a problem and make maths easy for students. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.  My contact number is 9292363643.   Regards, Jaahnavi Arja.

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