Private Tutor in Redding, CT - Fairfield County
Because one size doesn't fit all


$80 / hour

Dear Parent and Student,

In 2003, while a teacher at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, I tutored my first student at her home in Stamford, Connecticut. Ever since then, I’ve valued the importance of one-to-one tutoring. Each student has a unique learning style and through one-to-one tutoring his or her needs can be met. Today, I offer a variety of test preparation and tutoring programs, and I’m very proud that over 80% of my families are referred to me by their friends. This must mean that I am meeting and exceeding the goals of my students and their families. I believe in getting to know the whole child so as to create meaningful instruction that will cater to his or her learning style.


John Dolan

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