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Speech Language Pathologist in Mclean County, IL





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A.A. Degree in Nursing, Cochran School of Nursing~ B.S. Degree in Communication Disorders, Mercy College~ M.S. Degree in Communication Disorders, Expected graduation date: May 2009, Mercy College

Lidia is a bilingual pediatric speech language pathologist, certified by the American Speech and Language Association (ASHA) and licensed in the state of Illinois and New York. She has had the privilege of working with children of diverse backgrounds through the Early Intervention Program. 

Born in Guatemala, Lidia is a native Spanish speaker. Raised in New York, she acquired a Nursing degree from Cochran School of Nursing in Yonkers, NY and a Masters in speech language pathology from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Lidia has experienced the importance and benefits of bilingualism, both professionally and personally. 

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