Private Tutor in Calabasas, CA - Los Angeles County
Writing tutor and proofreader


9 am to 9 pm any day. I'm also available to read papers via email.


$15 / hour


BA in English and minor in religious studies from California State University-Los Angeles in June 2013, graduated with 3.77 major GPA.

I've been a tutor for about two years now, helping students in literature and writing classes primarily at the college level. I mostly tutor writing, working with my students on every step from designing an outline and doing research to making sure they use semicolons properly. I can tutor students in writing literary analysis, research papers, explications, and critical essays. I have also tutored in literature, and I have a strong foundation in the study of American, British, and classical literature, as well as in religious traditions around the world. Working as a tutor has been very rewarding, and I've genuinely enjoyed assisting students in developing their writing skills. Contact me if you have any questions, and I look forward to working with you.

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