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The Creation of Private Tutor Directory™

January 14, 2015  | 

Private Tutor Directory™ was created because [at the time] we were both being asked to tutor students, but we didn't have the time to meet the needs of the number of students and parents who were seeking our services. Invariably, parents would ask us if we knew anyone who could help them. Unfortunately and far too often, colleagues and friends we knew who tutored privately were always booked and could not take on any more clients. 

Frustrated by our inability to personally help or at least facilitate the process of finding available tutors for students and parents in need, we decided to create an online community where Guests and Members [Tutors] could easily connect. We created our Network for Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ to provide Guests with equal access to registered Members who offer their Pre-K through Adult tutoring services in academics, the arts, athletics, testing and more. Private Tutor Net™ was created within our Member Profiles because we thought it was important to provide Members with the ability to connect, collaborate and offer similar or differentiated services for our Guests. Additionally, we agreed that it was imperative for Members to have the ability to easily share their expertise via Private Tutor Tips™ in order to further help Guests in their communities and beyond. 

Two of our priorities while developing Private Tutor Directory™ have been to (1) provide our Guests with unlimited free searches for private tutoring and (2) keep our hands out of our Members' pockets by not charging fees for their services. We're proud that our Directory Membership continues to grow and that we have Members serving Guests in local communities throughout the United States. We're also very excited about what's ahead as we continue to enhance Private Tutor Directory™ in order to continue helping people help people. 

Dave & Amy