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The Evolution of Oppose Bullying™

February 21, 2015  | 
Originally, I created the I Oppose Bullying™ Facebook Page as a dad and teacher who truly opposes bullying with every fiber of my existence. My original goal was to unite as many Like Minded Individuals™ as possible to simply raise awareness and hopefully make some kind of difference in the lives of people [and their families] who are currently being bullied or have been bullied at any point in their lives. Thankfully, the page gradually gained support for about a year or so before it ultimately went viral. [Note: Managing a Facebook Page that suddenly goes viral requires its own post... Wow!]

As I Oppose Bullying™ gained more and more "Likes" and posts to the page earned [literally] millions of Likes, Comments & Shares, I decided that it could potentially have more of a positive impact in the lives of people in local communities throughout the United States as a Featured Cause of my wife's and my developing 501(c)(3) Private Tutor Foundation. It was at this point that I decided to brand Oppose Bullying™, I Oppose Bullying™ & We Oppose Bullying™ via OpposeBullying.org:

Oppose Bullying™
Featured Cause of Private Tutor Foundation, Inc.

I Oppose Bullying™
Like Minded Individuals™ Taking A United Stance Against Bullying Worldwide

We Oppose Bullying™
Like Minded Groups™ Taking A United Stance Against Bullying Worldwide

Our goal with Oppose Bullying™ et al as a Featured Cause of Private Tutor Foundation, Inc. is to raise awareness and funding, through sponsorships, donations and merchandise sales, to support other 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, through grants, offering innovative Bullying Prevention & Intervention Programs for Pre-K through 12th grade students throughout the United States. We invite volunteers to register as advocates, fundraisers, administrators, team leaders, speakers, mentors or tutors via PrivateTutorFoundation.org. At some point in the near future, volunteers will be able to create Volunteer Profiles to enhance their abilities to make a difference in their communities and beyond. Oppose Violence™ & Asperger Talks™ are also Featured Causes of Private Tutor Foundation, Inc.

Amy and I are especially interested in assembling a team of volunteers in Westchester County, New York to help realize the 501(c)(3) goals of Private Tutor Foundation, Inc. and its Featured Causes. Please contact usif your are interested... Thank you!