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Private Tutor in Brooklyn, NY - Kings County
Arabic Tutor


$35 / hour

I was born and raised in Palestine. I did my undergraduate in English and Arabic Translation at Gaza University. I came to the states last year.

I am currently doing my masters in News and Documentary at New York University (NYU). I am a filmmaker, I produced six short films, five in Gaza and one in Washington DC.

My friends in the Middle EASTERN Department are saying that Arabic is hard and complicated. Well, If you want to think so, Good lUCK then!!

But what if you start thinking that Arabic is beautiful, distinct and sexy language. My style in teaching Arabic depends on you! you might ask how? If you like food, you are gonna fall in love with arabic more because I will be teaching Arabic using food recipes and traditional dishes. and you know the Middle Eastern food, Yummy!! (I will cook for you, don't worry!).

The other thing I do through teaching is focusing on the culture. The Arab culture is very rich and sometime teachers don't use their teaching strategies within the context of culture, Arabic can't stand alone without referring to the culture.

Looking forward having you as my new friend through Arabic ;)


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