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Private Tutor in Kittery Point, ME - York County
Elite online SAT, ESL, math, and Chinese tutor




Day and night, 7 days a week.


$50 / hour


Berwick Academy, 2004
Top ten in class;
Perkins Prize for Outstanding Achievement in History and English;
Cum Laude Society;
National Latin Society;
Departmental Recognition Award in Physics;
Maxima Cum Laude recognition, National Latin Exam (3 years);
Straight A Average, Latin;
Headmaster's List (4 years).

Colby College, 2008
B.A. Chinese
Distinction in the Major;
Outstanding Achievement, Chinese;
Graduated 5th Year Chinese in my 3rd year;
Straight A+ Average, Chinese;
Straight A+ Average, Japanese;
Skipped a Year, Japanese;
Outstanding Achievement Award, Japanese.

Associated Colleges in China, 2007
Diploma, 5th Year Chinese
Highest Score on Proficiency Exam

Fulbright scholarship for field studies program abroad;
Freeman-ASIA scholarship for study abroad;
Freeman-ASIA scholarship for internship abroad.

Perfect SAT scores. Bilingual in English and Chinese. Full-time private tutor. Serious about maximizing your scores.


I do all my tutoring online via videochat, so you can squeeze in more learning with less fuss.


I have loved tutoring ever since the first time I helped my little sister through math in middle school. In high school, I helped both my sisters raise the caliber of their writing, coaching them through countless essays and papers. In college, I became the department's Mandarin Chinese tutor. I haven't looked back since. After working for an elite test prep company, I now focus exclusively on the SAT and on Chinese language tutoring, because first-rate results come only with focus and devotion.



My SAT Math qualifications: 

800 on SAT Math; Math Team through middle and high school; advanced math classes through middle and high school; numerous academic math awards; Departmental Recognition Award in Physics (high school); 5 on AP Calculus exam; 5 on AP Physics exam; extensive math tutoring....

My SAT Reading/Writing qualifications:
800 on SAT Reading; 800 on SAT Writing; Perkins Prize for Outstanding Achievement in History and English (awarded to one student per graduating class); Cum Laude Society; National Latin Society; Maxima Cum Laude, National Latin Exam (3 years); Headmaster's List (4 years); extensive reading and writing tutoring; my last SAT Reading student went from a 670 to a 780 in two months' time....

Chinese language proficiency tests:

HSK: highest possible score

ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview: Superior
"Speakers at the Superior level are able to communicate with accuracy and fluency in order to participate fully and effectively in conversations on a variety of topics in formal and informal settings from both concrete and abstract perspectives. They discuss their interests and special fields of competence, explain complex matters in detail, and provide lengthy and coherent narrations, all with ease, fluency, and accuracy. They present their opinions on a number of issues of interest to them, such as social and political issues, and provide structured arguments to support these opinions. They are able to construct and develop hypotheses to explore alternative possibilities."

Foreign Language Classes
Straight A+ Average, Undergraduate Chinese, Japanese
Skipped a Year, Japanese
Graduated 5th Year Chinese, Junior Year
Distinction in the Major, Chinese
Outstanding Achievement Award, Chinese
Outstanding Achievement Award, Japanese
Highest Score on Proficiency Exam, Study Abroad
Straight A Average, High School (Latin)
Maxima Cum Laude, National Latin Exam (3 years)
National Latin Society

5 years living, studying, and working in China

Performed stand-up comedy alongside a native actor, for a live audience, in front of a TV camera

Am regularly mistaken for a native speaker - on the phone and in person (Caucasian heritage notwithstanding)

The last Chinese book I read:
2,100 pages on the rise and fall of the Ming Dynasty

For the last 7 years:
Have consumed Chinese TV shows, podcasts, novels, etc. at a volume equal to or greater than most native speakers



Interpreter to the President of a Large Multinational
(Ching Luh Group)

Film Set Interpreter, 52-episode Television Series
(Hoopla Doopla)

TOEFL/SAT Tutor to Chinese High School Students

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