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I am a lifetime resident of Westchester County and have been teaching both special education and typical elementary aged children, grades K-5 in a public school setting for 12 years. I earned my dual masters of education at Manhattanville College in 2000. I love the art of teaching and reaching children, and take delight in watching the "click" on my students' faces coupled with "Oh I get it now!." I especially enjoy working with children on a small-group or one-on-one basis, as this allows for me to assess, monitor, and tailor an education program that meets their specific needs.

I feel that learning should be hands-on, individualized, and meaningful. A strong teacher-student relationship based on trust and mutual respect is paramount to student success.

I incorporate a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies into my instruction, ranging from multi-sensory reading instruction (Wilson Reading Method and PAF), Guided Reading and comprehension strategies, hands-on manipulative math learning, as well as providing independent practice in the form of drill and pratice to help teach to mastery. I will tailor a customized tutoring program that taps into learning gaps in all academic subjects, and aim to makie meaningful connections between academics and my students' personal lives, thereby making learning more meaningful.  I work with parents, reporting on their children's progress and provide feedback and strategies that will enable continued practice at home in a meaningful context.

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