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Private Tutor in Mount Kisco, NY - Westchester County
High School Teacher and Private Tutor


I am flexible and will work with your schedule (typically after school and/or on weekends).


$100 / hour


Mercy College- Master of Science in Special Education

SUNY Albany- Master of Science in Curriculum Development and Technology 

SUNY Oneonta- Bachelor of Science in Adolescence Education, Social Studies 7-12

Hi! My name is Ally and I am a certified Special Education, Social Studies, and English teacher. I have been teaching at Byram Hills High School for the last five years and privately tutoring in the Westchester community for the last seven years. I tutor in the following subject areas: elementary and middle school Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, all grade levels of English Language Arts, U.S. History, and Global Studies I and II. 

I began working with one student privately in Briarcliff Manor and was then recommended by parent to parent through word of mouth, being hired by over 20 families in the Westchester area! 

All students I have worked with have experienced significant increases in quiz and test grades, quarterly averages, and Regents Exam scores. I am attentive to specific strengths and weaknesses and plan lessons accordingly. I simplify complex mathematical concepts through explicit step by step methods and advocate for students needs through weekly communication with teachers.

I can travel to you and work with your son or daughter in the comfort of your own home or work at a local library (whichever you feel most comfortable with). 

Contact me today if you want your child to work with a young and energetic teacher who will take away the frustration from schoolwork!

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