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Private Tutor in Huntington, NY - Suffolk County
The Write Tutor for History & Geography + College Admissions





$95 / hour


Middle Childhood Education Certificate, Stony Brook U., 2010.

MA in Social Studies Education, Teachers College, Columbia U., 2009.

BA in History and International Affairs, Georgetown U., 1995.

As someone who once struggled in school myself, I know how stressful it can be when you don’t know why you are scoring poorly on exams, essays, and presentations, and thus how to improve. If you hire me, you will gain quality feedback and customized instruction that directly targets your teenager’s weaknesses and fosters a better understanding and grasp of the content, enabling him or her to improve quickly. 

I love helping teens to develop the academic and professional tools necessary to maximize their potential and succeed on their own. I have been recognized for relating well to teenagers, for “making history come alive,” and for explaining the backstories that may textbooks falsely assume that students already know. The best evidence of my successful tutoring is that most of my former clients have thrived through the rest of high school and all four years of college with minimal additional tutoring.

 I provide highly effective, encouraging, personalized tutoring for Middle School, High School (Regents and AP), and College social studies courses. In addition, I guide teens and potential college transfers through the College Admissions process, enabling them to gain admission to optimal college choices.

Here are some of my results over the past ten years:
90+% of my students’ grades in Social Studies and English rose to A or A+ within 2 months.
100% of my History Regents (NYS) students passed on their first try, and 94% earned a 93+.
More than 65% of my students earned a 4 or 5 on their AP Social Studies exams.
94% of my students gained admission to their first choice for college.
92% of my students, including those with C averages, gained admission to a top 50 college.


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