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Private Tutor in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ - Atlantic County


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B.A. in Communications (R/T/F), Rowan University, NJ

M.S. in Education, Touro College, NY

Duel New York State Teacher Certified in Special and General Education Grades 5-9

Pursuing additional mathematics courses to specialize as a Middle School Math Teacher, Westchester Community College, NY

Hello!  I am a 29 year old substitute teacher who just received my masters degree in education and my duel certification in general and special education.  Math and Sports are my two favorite things to teach.  I am currently taking extra math courses to specialize in math and become a middle school math teacher some day!  I also have played and have had such a passion for sports my whole life and even worked at the World Wide Leader in Sports...ESPN in Connecticut!  Pursuing a career in media, I went to NYC, ended up a commercial real estate broker then only to find that I would rather be in the classroom helping our future generations!  With that said, I am very excited about teaching and can't wait to graduate and get started! 

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