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Private Tutor in Jefferson Valley, NY - Westchester County
I am a consummate Management Executive Visionary & Entrepreneurial, passionate about making a difference.





Flexible - also available evening & weekends with advance appointment.


M.B.A. dual major in Marketing and Management

B.S. in Economics/Business Management


¨       Purchasing Management (CE, NYU 1995)
  1. Harvard Negotiating Skills (Harvard Business School 1997)

  2. Certificate in Meeting, Conference, Event Management (CE, NYU 1996)           

Seminars (examples)

  • Project Management Level I, II & III (AMA)

  • Financial Analysis & Management (AMA)

  • How to Replace Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm (Dale Carnegie Institute)

  • Developing the Leader in You (Dale Carnegie Institute)

  • Time Management

  • Presentations

Following is a list of my expertise, any college/university level course which requires you to have an insight into how to start, operate and grow a business -- we should talk, I can help you.

In addition, I have hired thousands of people, so when you need help to revive your resume, learn new skills and prepare to enter the job market you should talk to me, I am here to help you succeed.

• Entrepreneurship & Startups
• Transforming dreams to reality.
• Enterprise Account Management
• Sales and Business Development
• Client Relationship Management
• Human Capital Management
• Talent Acquisition
• Resources Management
• Sourcing & Vendor Management
• Project Management
• Operational Excellence
• Branding & Marketing
• Public Relations
• Social Media
• Event Management
• Team Building, Coaching, Mentoring & Leadership
• Cross Cultural Sensitivity

• Established and operated over 20 startups successfully; transforming enterprises into multi-million dollar companies.

Served or currently serving in the capacity of founder, partner, owner, operator, advisor or board member in the following categories: 
• Management Consulting
• Technology
• Training, Coaching
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Media
• Human Capital Management - Recruitment, Talent Acquisition
• Travel
• Global Trade & Distribution
• General Contracting
• Philanthropic
• Non-profit
• Catering & Event Services

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