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Private Tutor in Danbury, CT - Fairfield County
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Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

Master of Philosophy in Criminal Justice

Ph.D. criminology

Dr. Arlene Garcia teaches history, civil, and criminal law in White Plains, NY. She also instructs PSAT, SAT, & ACT courses.
     Garcia, a Gates and Hord Scholar, obtained her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching through a dual degree honors program at Manhattanville College. She also received a Master of Arts and a Master of Philosophy in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. Garcia completed her Ph.D. in criminal justice at John Jay College. Her research areas of interest include: criminal public policy, prisoner reentry, education and criminal justice, and drug policy.
     Garcia worked for multiple learning centers, such as Huntington Learning Center and Score! Prep which is a division of Kaplan. She tutored students privately as well and instructed college prep, PSAT, SAT, ACT courses for the ConnCap / Upward Bound Program at Western Connecticut State University. She also instructed Introduction to Criminal Justice at John Jay College.
     As a speaker, Garcia worked with former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Senator Ted Kennedy and Miss America, as well as, local and community functions in Connecticut and New York.
     Garcia published "The Gatekeeping Behind Meritocracy" and also authored a semi-autobiography text titled, "A Coed With a Will, Keeps It Real, Bonus Ten Ways to Improve Your SAT Score," which is a text that chronicles a young girl's trials and tribulations into adulthood with bonus features at the end.

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