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Private Tutor in Mount Vernon, NY - Westchester County  |  (347) 489-4740
My Special Gift ...


Late afternoons, early evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.


$50.00 / hour


A.A. Liberal Arts, Suffolk County Community College

B.A. (cum laude), Political Science/History, Brooklyn College

Minored in Anthropology and English. Participated and acted in Theater Group at Brooklyn College, Senior Year and post-graduation years. 

I have a talent for helping the younger aged students learn and develop confidence in themselves.

I have extraordinary patience and enjoy each child for his/her unique personalities, strengths and weaknesses. I allow a child the "space" to be themselves.

I enjoy cultivating their academic development and their emotional development. I am an asset to them and a support to their families.

I am also the proud parent of a daughter who has successfully taught for 14 years within the Board of Education. Currently, she is a middle school teacher in the Bronx.

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