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Private Tutor in Irvine, CA - Orange County
I am a private educational consultant


Weekdays 11am-7:30pm


$50.00 / hour


B.A. History, UCLA   *continuting education in speech therapy classes and other classes related to education

Hello All,  

My name is Carlin F. and it is my pleasure to serve the community of Orange County as an English tutor. I am the founder of Private Educational Consutling in Irvine, CA. I have been passionately teaching for three years, loving every minute of it. 

It has been my priviledge and joy to have taught over 100 students with varying academic needs from ages 4 to 54. I enjoy working with those who have trouble with English and/or want to improve their spoken and written English.

I have gleaned resources from my work in the Speech and Language Pathology field in order to better engage my students, especially those struggling with learning disabilities and those on the Autism spectrum. 

Not only do I pay special attention to any behavioral needs, but I also arrange personalized activities and worksheets for each client. I provide support for students in English with an emphasis on reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking, and literary analysis.

I received my B.A. in History from UCLA in 2009 and am continuing to take classes related to education. 

*SPECIAL NOTE* I will be opening an office in the next few months and I will have all clients come to this office for tutoring. As much as I have enjoyed offering the convenience of tutoring in my clients' homes, my business has expanded to the point where I need an office. Thank you for understanding and I will post an update as the office move-in day approaches! It will be off of the 405 at MacArthur near John Wayne airport. 

You may contact me directly at carlin.educationalconsulting@gmail.com

I look forward to meeting you and developing an educational plan toether!


Carlin F. 

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