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Private Tutor in Brookfield, CT - Fairfield County  |  (203) 740-1789
Jack of most trades, master of a few....



Most days, 9 to 9


$50 / hour


M.S.L. from Yale Law (Legal Studies)

M.J. from UC Berkeley (Journalism)

B.A. from Yale (British Studies)

I started teaching a few years ago when I realized I got more satisfaction from informal, one-on-one relationships than from climbing the professional ladder -- and with degrees from Yale, Yale Law, and UC Berkeley, I was climbing pretty well. I had been a legal reporter, journalist, and book writer -- still am -- but after writingction("SujbectUnderline") a book on Habitat for Humanity (check out amazon.com or www.chrisgoodrich.com), I was hooked on doing meaningful work...and that meant doing, for $$$, project-based work like teaching and tutoring. I've taught scores of classes with the University of Phoenix -- "process" courses like Communications, Critical Thinking, Decision Making -- and when not teaching or tutoring or writing, you'll find me traveling...often leading "build" trips with Habitat or my own non-profit in the Dominican Republic.

My teaching style is low-key -- I'm from California! -- but "back-door" rigorous, because I'm convinced students learn better, and retain more, when they're *engaged* with the material. It's a two-way street: the teacher has to try to make the material *interesting*, *relevant*, *accessible*, and even sometimes *entertaining*, so he or she gets students "where they live." Whether students are learning about the Declaration of Independence or writing a paper on Mexico, distinguishing between "whose" and "who's" or memorizing the countries in Latin _section("SujbectUnderline"America, they have to feel that what they're learning is significant -- that it will have relevance later in their lives.

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