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Private Tutor in Brooklyn, NY - Kings County
Private Tutor in Kings County, NY


$200 / hour


M.Sc., Oxford University.  Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing (2007)

B.A., Willamette University, Magna Cum Laude.  3.96 GPA (4.0 in majors) (2005)

Fulbright Scholar, Budapest, Hungary. (2008)

Educational background: MSc from Oxford University in Applied Mathematics; 4.0 in both math and physics majors in college; Fulbright Scholar.

I have 10+ years experience tutoring and teaching math and physics. Expertise includes: course work in algebra through AP calculus, general and honors physics, SAT Math and Physics subject tests, and general SAT & ACT exams.

I approach tutoring with individual attention to the student, attending to not just academic deficits, but also to test-taking anxieties and deeper insecurities about the subject matter.

My students have improved test scores and course grades dramatically--often reaching the 750+ range on the Math SAT 2 and Physics exams; in coursework gifted students who struggle in math have improved from B range to A+ range during regular consultation; students who are struggling to get by have gone from failing to passing and gaining stronger understanding of the subject.

Students who I've tutored have been accepted to top colleges, including MIT, Columbia, and Tufts. I'm happy to provide references.

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