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Private Tutor in Orange, CA - Orange County
Because learning CAN be fun!



Hours throughout the day negotiable.  


$35 / hour


•  Bachelor's degree in Spanish from BYU

•  Master's of Education from UCLA

•  California Teaching Credential

My life's mission is to inspire others--especially children--to love learning as much as I do. School was a wonderful, exciting place of discovery for me, but I recognize  that I was one of the lucky ones.  For many children, school can be devastating to their confidence: They may feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and unsure of themselves.  It is critical, particularly in the early years, that children develop confidence in their ability to navigate an increasingly complex educational system.  If your child requires intensive support to succeed academically, I can help.  Tutoring will probably raise your child's academic level quickly, but the greatest value of that personal attention lies in the growth in self-confidence that your child will experience.  That confidence will naturally breed success.  In a short time your child will look forward to school, rather than dreading the next assignment.  I love working with children--although I like to think of it more like playing than working. Because after all, learning CAN be fun!  Of course, teaching isn't my only interest.  I also love ballet, family dinners, and chocolate. 

•  Bachelor's degree in Spanish from BYU

•  Master's of Education from UCLA

•  California Teaching Credential

•  High School teacher - Spanish

•  ESL teacher

•  Training in Reading Interventions

•  Experienced teacher and tutor

•  Published author of two textbooks

•  Years working with children and adults of all ages

•  Educational philosophy:  Learning works best when it's fun!

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