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Private Tutor in Gaithersburg, MD - Montgomery County
Math Tutor - 20 Years of Experience





Monday-Sunday 9 am - 10 pm


$95 / hour


BA Mathematics University of Chicago

M.S.Ed. Johns Hopkins

BS Atmospheric Science University of Maryland

Hi, I'm Dan, I've been tutoring Pre-Algebra through Calculus and math SAT tutoring since 1997 in Montgomery County, DC, and Northern Virginia. I have a BA in Mathematics (University of Chicago) and a Master in Education (Johns Hopkins University). I also have a BS in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Maryland (2015).

I am the Editor-in-chief and co-author of 5 test-prep books including, "SAT Math Prep 800: Challenge Yourself to the Perfect Score," and "Math SAT 800: How to Master the Toughest Problems."


I taught math at the Phelps School of Engineering in DC, and wrote SAT Math curriculum for Education Unlimited, a summer camp in Berkeley California.  

As I have matured in my tutoring style over the years, I learned that guiding the student to the answer rather than lecturing is the most useful and effective approach, because I am thereby able to keep the student focused. I think learning should be a process of discovery, and students can benefit from their mistakes because that way they are more likely to avoid repeating the mistake in the future. I try to get the student to work independently after a while. One of my tricks to get a student to work independently without the aid of a tutor is to incorporate reading the textbook in our tutoring sessions. Finally, I try to get the student to understand why rules/solutions work. Understanding the rules in math rather than just memorizing them helps immensely in solving new problems one has never seen before.

In terms of my personality, one of my greatest joys is seeing a student improve their grades and get into their first-choice college. I love to see a student discover that he is actually good in math when he didn't previously know it.

Please reach out to me and I'll help your child reach his full potential.

Client Testimonial:

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to my daughter during the past several months. Without your kind and patient attention, she would have fallen to the bottom of the barrel in algebra very quickly, and would never have been able to recover. She worked very well with you, and while I know there were some rough spots, you kept her on task and – most importantly – feeling good about herself that she was able to do those things she never thought she could do. Math is very difficult for her, as you know, and yet I heard you two talking and laughing during your work together and I knew you had the magic touch needed to make her care. I will be delighted to provide references for you for years to come, and I again thank you for being such a gentle and warm person who can work with a 15-year-old and not intimidate her, and even gain her confidence. I don’t know what she would have done without you!”
– Paula

Wonderful tutor!
“Knowledgeable, patient tutor who is very perceptive in figuring out students' learning styles and identifying what exactly is holding a student back. He figured out an underlying deficiency in my daughter's math skills that really helped unlock the reason she hadn't been "getting it!"

Immediate Results!
“After only a few sessions my daughter is steadily improving in Algebra 2. Very impressed with Dan's level of knowledge and professionalism! The proof is seeing her confidence increase steadily. Looking forward to seeing her become even more confident!”

Quick Help
“Dan quickly assessed the situation and helped my son identify his weak areas. We look forward to working with Dan again. He knows the subject very well and also did a good job relating to my son.”

Great tutor
“I had a wonderful time re-learning some of the math basics that I had forgotten over the years (exponent rules, PEMDAS, etc.) He is kind and encouraging. Would recommend! Thanks, Dan!” - Alex


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