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Teacher in Pomona, NY - Rockland County
Don't suffer in silence! Allow me to help you with math! :-)


I'm glad to work with you to accommodate your schedule.


$80 / hour


Ed.D. - Mathematics Education (in progress)

M.S.T. - Adolescent Education - Mathematics

B.A. - Mathematics

B.A. - Psychology

*Introductory Lesson (1 hour) - $40. This is a 50% savings!*

I tell all of my students, "Don't suffer in silence! Why struggle with something when you can, with professional guidance and support, easily (usually) remedy the situation?" I also encourage them to be proactive and set themselves up for success. :-) Essentially, my method of teaching, tutoring, and remediation for the past 12 years has been twofold:

• Implementing accurate approach and problem-solving skills for use in the classroom and on standardized tests (primarily the S.A.T., A.C.T., and G.R.E.)

• Conveying logical thinking tactics to strengthen conceptual understanding and critical reasoning skills

Mathematics Educator

Highly competent, diligent, conscientious, and dependable professional with a combination of approximately 6 years of classroom teaching and 12 years (intermittent) of tutoring experience, both of which include students with diagnosed learning disabilities. Verified track record of students’ mathematical improvement, resourcefulness in problem solving, and dedication to efficiency and overall success of students. Personable and professional demeanor, high level of morals and ethics, and devoted to a positive learning environment.

Resume and references gladly furnished upon request.

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