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Private Tutor in New York, NY - New York County
Writing Specialist Grades 5-12 | Free Trial Session | Excellent Reviews



At the time of this writing I teach Tuesday through Saturday from morning to evening. Contact me for more specific information.


$50 / hour


MA in Teaching English (4.0)
BA in the humanities
Certificate (Teaching English)

I have helped hundreds of students improve their writing, English GPA, critical reading, test scores (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT), understanding of grammar, vocabulary acquisition, and English language learning. I regularly receive feedback about students improving their letter grades, exam scores, feedback from teachers, and professional writing ability. 

I help students from grades 5-12

I have:
✓ A Master's Degree in Teaching English (4.0gpa)
✓ 9 years of experience helping learners achieve their goals
✓ International teaching experience and respect for other cultures
✓ A caring and respectful personality
✓ A well-thought out curriculum

I'd love to help you achieve your goals. Contact me today to learn more. Your first lesson is free. Reply to this post or contact me through my information below to learn how I can help you succeed.
  • Text: 651-318-6004
  • stevenseducation.com
  • Text me to book a trial session for free, or book it here for $1


Dustin tutors my 12y and 10y old boys in writings. Prior to meeting Dustin, boys had no interest in writing. Dustin managed to get them to write without complains. And gradually but undoubtly they started enjoying in experimenting different words, phrases and voices... I have tried many different ways to get boys to enjoy writings, so far learning with Dustin is the best I can find.
Li, parent

Dustin is an excellent teacher who is always utterly open to communicate and help his students. He is willing to help his students when they have last-minute assignments. He treasures students’ time and recognizes their needs during the class, and he always explains materials patiently until students fully understand them. Dustin has helped me to improve my critical thinking skills. He taught me how to analyze readings effectively, how to write in-depth essays, use figurative language, and implicitly and explicitly demonstrate theme.
Sandy, 12th grade English student

Mr. Steven[s] did an amazing job, which greatly exceeded my expectations! I give [him] five out of five stars—he is truly a master in his field. Without question, I will order his services again, and I will recommend them to my friends.
Diana, 12th grade student

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