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Private Tutor in Suffolk County, NY  |  (631) 486-2742
Ellen Brett: caring, dedicated Special Education teacher


During the school day, Wed and Fridays after school, possible weekends


$60 / hour


MS in Ed from Oneonta State College

BS in Ed from Buffalo State College

AAS in Nursery Ed from SUNY at Cobleskill

I am a retired special education teacher with 33 years of teaching experience in NY State public schools. Most of my teaching career has been in elementary schools. I have worked with all levels of special education students in various situations including, self-contained classes, resource room setting, and integrated classrooms.

Presently I am enjoying the mornings with my eight -year old twins but miss teaching. I am working with pre-school and school-age students through a local agency. My behavior management skills are strong and utilize positive reinforcement.

Teaching children and making a difference in their lives continues to be my life's work. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child.

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