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Private Tutor in Silver Spring, MD - Montgomery County  |  (240) 370-7134
Best Affordable Math Tutoring Available




I am available Sunday through Saturday 9 am to 9 pm at any open public location for tutoring sessions.


$35 / hour


I have a four year college degree from the Catholic University of America in mathematics.

My name is Eric M. Brown. I am a math tutor with a college degree in math and a sum total of nine years experience in tutoring math exclusively to students age 13 to adult. I love to tutor math and see students gain the math knowledge necessary to succeed in their math courses. I put emphasis on mathematical theory and in tutoring I exhibit precision, clarity, and most of all patience. No question is stupid and no student is stupid. Frequent repetition and further explanation of mathematical theorems and definitions is necessary. I will provide the best affordable math tutoring available at $35 per hour or $240 per month for 8 hours of tutoring per month.

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