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Tutoring Business in Woodside, NY - Queens County
MATH Coaching Centers and High Schools as Instructor... Get your One on One Expert!!



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$25 / hour


High School: Bronx High School of Science

Currently Enrolled in Queens College

Hello Parents and Students,

Helping someone with there academic demands can be hard. Sometimes, my student's parents were teachers or Grad degree holders. Additionally, there are many accessible venues of research on the net. How can we tell what is the best way to spend the limited time.... (which comes to the economics question that one can always get a new tutor... but what will happen to the time wasted?)

Let me boil down some of the things I have seen across different schools and tutorials. For one thing, time should be focused on problem solving rather then discussion because this gets you ready for the test environment. There should be a "diagnostics" element where you take tests and find a list of questions you need help with. You could also bring to the tutor old tests you got back and solve the ones you got wrong.

I think these practices have been around for centuries!

Contact me for help or for consultation. You will know how effective I am just from the first lesson, and then you can decide.



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