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Private Tutor in Mahopac, NY - Putnam County  |  (845) 628-3239
Gina Lopreato - Private Tutor


Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays any time after 3:00 PM


$70 / hour


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Marist College

Master of Science in Urban and Multicultural Education from College of Mount Saint Vincent

Master of Science in Library and Information Studies from Queens College - Anticipated December 2008

Hi!  My name is Gina Lopreato.  I privately tutor students who are on the elementary and middle school levels.  My specialties include assisting students with their homework, helping them prepare for tests, and providing them with strategies to succeed in a subject area they may be struggling in.  Students I have tutored in the past have seen dramatic improvements on test scores with my assistance.

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