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Bachelor of Science, Biology and Chemistry

Hi! Welcome,

My name is J Dayanna Leon, I currently hold a Bachelor's of science (cum laude) degree in Biology and Chemistry. I have a vested interest in education and I am gladly looking forward to working with your kids and/or adolescents to assist them in becoming more knowledgeable in content areas. This process involves facilitating their learning experience so that they can acquire a strong comprehension of the subject matter. My expertise lies in my easiness to teach clearly in ways each specific for the learning style of each student.  I am a caring and patient person that understands how and what is necessary to learn as a student and teach as a professional tutor. I have six years of experience tutoring students in Math, Science, Spanish and Italian and now more than ever I have a vested interest in teaching biology, and chemistry. The services I render are proof of my dedication to teaching kids. Education to me is of crucial importance and to be greatly valued since education is an investment for their future and thus our future!

I am a strong believer in the importance of education and emphasize that education is the only path to success; for it is through education that we can pass a historical knowledge that is not bound to obtaining a degree but rather a specialization in life. I am glad to present myself to the community and I applaud the parents that are making an effort to make sure kids are receiving the education they need to prepare them for a brighter future. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can start working together.

Also, are you cramming for a last minute test in the sciences? Are you worried about a state test? Do you feel that you have not studied enough, or that information is just not going through? Then call me as well, I am excellent in case of emergencies.

Thank you for visiting my page!


J. Dayanna Leon

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