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Private Tutor in Brooklyn, NY - New York County
Arabic Tutor


$50 / hour

I'm currently a Phd student of History and Hebrew and Judaic studies at New York University. I received my BA in business from Al-Azhar University in Palestine, and a diploma in Hebrew language and its teaching methods from the Islamic University in Palestine as well. I moved to the United States two years ago. I'm a native Arabic speaker who spent his life between Morocco and Palestine before moving to the U.S. Since childhood I received my education mainly in Arabic and English which made me fluent in both languages.

I have a passion for Arabic more than any other subject. I grew up attached to Arabic. I write poetry, articles on various issues, and I also master the sophisticated science of Quranic recitation (tajweed). Right after I moved to NYC, I sought teaching Arabic out of my passion for the language. My first student was majoring in Arabic here in NYC and had to reach a high level of fluency in few months in order to get admitted in a prestigious Arabic language program abroad. After we started our lessons my student noticed how enjoyable and distinguished the learning experience was, and this made me more excited to teach Arabic to more people. Besides student, I also tutored professionals who work for local and international organizations like Amnesty.

Arabic is a language that is about passion. Thus I try my best to offer my students a learning experience where they can learn and enrich their knowledge of the language. But I also believe in building the foundations of the student's special relationship with Arabic by trying to find out the best means that will help the student become more fluent. I don't only teach the language, I also help my students find their way to become more fluent in short periods.

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