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Private Tutor in Glendale, CA - Los Angeles County
Solution-driven tutoring from a top-rated teacher!




Extremely flexible! Check out my website for more information: https://www.katestutoring.com/



Kate is originally from Maryland. She graduated from high school a National Honors student in three years. After graduation, she attended Boston University with an academic scholarship and majored in history. Completing the program again in only three years, Kate graduated cum laude with a Bachelors in History.

She loves teaching English, reading, writing, literature, and language as well as all courses in history! She is a member of the American Tutor Association in addition to holding a certification from the state of California.She is a rounded academic who came out to Los Angeles to act - so you can rest assured that her personality is pretty click-able! Kids love her, but she also gets results. Results like over a 100 point raise on the SAT II in only 10 hours of tutoring!

She loves emphasizing creativity, especially when working with younger students. When working with older kids, Kate really enjoys kidding around with them while pushing their minds to analyze for themselves. It's a ton of fun! Kate is a certified teacher (+livescan background check), K-12+, and has over ten years of tutoring and classroom teaching experience. She handles SAT & ACT tutoring, & AP Lit/Lang, AP History courses, and more!

Hi there! I am a private tutor in the Los Angeles area who has been working virtually with all clients during COVID-19-- which means I can very easily work with anyone anywhere in the world!

I am committed to safe academic support & recently added some low-cost virtual options: 20-for-20 (20 minutes, 20 bucks of academic support) and Virtual Study Groups (small groups, costs less).

You can find 5star reviews for Kate's Tutoring on Yelp and Google: https://www.yelp.com/biz/kates-tutoring-glendale / https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=kate%27s+tutoring#

More info & prices, starting at 80/hr: https://www.katestutoring.com/
I am a licensed teacher in the state of California and a member of the National Tutoring association!


Specialties include...

AP European, World, and US History

AP Government

AP English Literature and Language

SAT I: Reading, Writing, Math + Essay

ACT: Reading, Writing, Math, Science + Essay

SAT II: Literature, US History, World History

K-12: Math (through pre-cal), Science, English, Social Studies, History, College applications/essays

12+ (college): Paper editing, research, etc.

For everyone: Study skills!

Non-Academic: Acting, Organizational skills (great for middle schoolers), Cooking/Baking (great for fractions!), childcare (any age), Singing, Acting, Swimming, Horseback riding

..and more! If you're not sure, ask.

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