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Private Tutor in Coram, NY - Suffolk County
ASVAB Test Preperation Specialist


$35 / hour

 Although I often tutor other subjects, I concentrate mainly on the ASVAB and the GED. The ASVAB is the exam used to determine eligibility for enlistment into the United States Armed Forces.

 The ASVAB can be tricky. Many of the questions are designed to mislead a potential recruit to choose the wrong answer.  This is done to see if if you can think on your feet and quickly.

 I have tutored students on this exam since 1996. Currently, I handle between 30 and 35 students per year.

 As a vet myself, I was required to take the ASVAB in order to enlist. My scores were such that I could choose any career in the military. I chose to be a Gunners Mate Missile in The United States Navy. Just to be eligible for this vocation, a combined score of 210 was required.

 The subject matter of the ASVAB has not changed much since I took the test in 1985. Many of the same tricks are still being used.

 The ASVAB does not have to be difficult. I can show you ways to simplify the questions. I can show you the pitfalls to watch for. You will find me patient, knopwledgeable and easy to understand.

 I chose to tutor the GED because the two exams are very similar. The main differences are: Social Studies and use of a calculator on the GED. Both of these tests are based on material which would be learned by the average high school student.

 If you are looking to join the best Armed Forces the world has to offer or need you GED, contact me because I can help you.





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