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Private Tutor in Mamaroneck, NY - Westchester County
Learn with Lauren!


Mondays-Thursdays after 5pm and all day Fridays


Bachelor's in Human Development from Cornell University

Dual Masters in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education from New York University

Advanced Masters of Education in Leadership for Special Education from Bank Street College

My name is Lauren Kaplan, and I am the founder of Learn with Lauren. Learn with Lauren provides early childhood tutoring services, as well as services that organize the home to promote independence and learning for young children. As a tutor, I focus on alphabet recognition, phonemic awareness, sight word acquisition, early print concepts, interactive reading and writing, and the beginning skills to independently read and write. In math, some skills I work on are counting, one-to-one correspondence, number formation, subtizing, conservation of number, and early problem solving skills. My home services include organizing the play space, books, and child's bedroom with labels and baskets. My approach to organization enables  young children to access and clean up materials independently. I also support families to build learning opportunities into their daily routines. I am a passionate educator who prides myself on a child and family- centered approach to teaching and learning. I believe that learning should be hands-on and that instruction should be individualized for every child's needs.

Throughout my years of teaching, I was tenured, nominated for the 2011 Blackboard Teacher Awards, and was a national speaker at the AUCD and NAEYC teacher's conferences.

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