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Bank Street College - M.S.ed

Atlantic Theater Acting School

Kenyon College - B.A.


Currently I am a head PreK/K teacher at Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken, NJ. 

My journey and passion for teaching began while I was pursing my career in acting. I received certification from the Atlantic Theater Company’s acting school in New York and upon graduating, was picked up by a talent agency in Chicago.   While in Chicago, I took a job as an assistant 5th grade teacher.  I also began coaching middle school soccer and basketball.  I quickly realized that the enjoyment I found while teaching and coaching children was more powerful than when I was on stage performing.  It was then that I decided to pursue my masters and move back to New York to develop my skills as a teacher.

I received my Masters degree in Education from Bank Street College while teaching at Stevens Cooperative School. After two years as an assistant, I was offered a position as a head teacher, which I gladly accepted.

Growing up, I lived all over the world due to my father’s profession.  I believe my transient lifestyle, along with my acting career, has given me the spontaneity, flexibility and acceptance that helps make me a great teacher.  I enjoy watching curious children explore their surroundings as well as instilling confidence and a love of learning in my students.


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