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Private Tutor in Stratford, CT - Fairfield County
Ivy League Tutor


I am available for the summer until the end of August and am available for tutoring sessions most days. 


$30 / hour

I just completed my sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania and would love to tutor a student. I am a Biological Basis of Behavior major with a 3.63 cumulative GPA. This past year I made Dean's List with a 3.85 year GPA.

In the past, I have tutored in Math and English for low performing fourth graders through my community center. I graduated from Bunnell High School third in my class with a 3.9 GPA (taking 9 AP courses).

The AP courses I have taken include: English Language, Literature, Calculus AB and BC, US History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology and I scored a 2200 on my SAT. I have always helped out peers in my classes and am aware that you need to alter your teaching strategy from person to person because everyone learns in a different way. I have experience working with all different personality types and know how to work with both excited and more reserved students. It really puts a smile on my face to help someone discover the joy of learning. I know first-hand the benefits that come with being a tutor and being tutored.

I have been involved with classical ballet for 13+ years and am the performance assistant for my college's ballet company and mentor adopted children from China in the Philadelphia area. I have experience working with children for 50+ hours at the Stratford Public Library, as well as volunteering at a summer camp at the Fairfield Audobon Society. I am hoping to tutor students in middle or high school this summer and would love to expand on my tutoring experiences!

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