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Private Tutor in Yonkers, NY - Westchester County
Yonkers Tutor - $30-40


Monday,Wednesday, Friday (10am-2pm), 7-9pm Tuesday, Thursday (6-9 pm) Saturday,Sunday (4pm-9pm)


$35 / hour


Columbia University (B.A. English, French)  Expected Graduation 2016

Hi I'm Merlin,    I'm currently a senior in University majoring in English and French. In the past 5 years, I've tutored mainly high school students, as well as disabled students, in different subjects. My specialties include: Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus I), Chemistry (Regents level)   Reading, Writing (Elemetary - High School)   French (Elementary to Intermediate).    I take the job of being a tutor very seriously, as I feel committed to the improvement of not only the student's academics, but what I believe to be the most important thing--developing a better sense of confidence within themselves to be able to reach higher levels of personal achievement. I think this comes with having a sense of how the student perceives the tasks in front of them, and mentally breaking concepts down that fit their level of understanding of the subject in question. I also own a car and can meet you at either your home, cafe, book store, etc., or wherever the students feel is most conducive to their concentration.

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