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Private Tutor in Westchester, NY - Westchester County
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BA Communications
MSEd Education N-6
PD District Administration 

Hello, my name is Mr. J aka Dave Jones, and I a seasoned educator currently in my 30th year of teaching. Throughout my career I have worked diligently to help facilitate my students’ efforts to develop as thoughtful, responsible citizens of the world who value themselves, the people and environment around them as well as their academic, extra-curricular, and social endeavors.

I truly enjoy working with children and their families every day, and I am honored and humbled by the opportunities I am afforded to help make a difference in their lives.

Services: Mentoring - Students Grades 4-12 and College+ | Tutoring - Students Grades 4-6 | Consulting - Parents/Guardians Grades 4-6lick “Request Tutor” to inquire about my availability.

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