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Tutoring Services in Bronx, NY - Bronx County
Expert help in Latin and writing by Columbia University Ph.D.





I am available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-8:30; Tuesday, Thursday 11:30-8:30; Saturday and Sunday 12-8


$125 / hour


Barnard College B.A. Classical Studies

Columbia University Ph.D. in Classical Studies

I am a passionate educator with 20+ years of experience teaching and tutoring both Latin and Greek to all ages, abilities, and demographics. I have taught and tutored students in graduate school, college, high school and middle school. Throughout my career, I have honed my ability to effectively relay complex content to audiences of all backgrounds. My commitment to individualized learning has led me toward the next chapter in my life, which is one-on-one teaching. Individualized instruction geared towards comprehensive development creates the ability to make significant progress in short amounts of time. Helping students develop their skills through the lens of social-emotional support makes it possible for students to build their confidence, while building their skill-set.

Some Fun Facts
Not everyone knows this but I am also a yoga teacher! I have continued to build skills to better serve my students, with training in yoga, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness. I recently obtained a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teaching certification and a 25 hour Yin yoga training as well as a Wellness Champion certificate from Breathe for Change.

When I’m not teaching, I am traveling around the world, because travel is the best form of education! Some of my favorite travel experiences have been trips to Athens, Crete, Rome and Istanbul because of their amazing antiquities. There is nothing like coming face to face with a 2000 year old Greek Bronze, or architectural remains like the Parthenon, the lion gate at Mycenae, and the Colosseum!

I have also loved traveling to beach destinations in the Caribbean and Costa Rica.

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