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Tutoring Business in Huntington, NY - Suffolk County
Equal Reactions in Education






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$90 / hour


B.A. Physics - Geneseo University
M.A. Physics Education - Stonybrook University

Newtonian Tutoring provides specialized tutoring services in science and mathematics.

Newtonian Tutoring is here to help students achieve a higher stature of learning.
Through subject tutoring, we guide students toward a greater understanding of logic and problem solving.
These concepts provide success in the classroom and opportunity to enter the real world.

"Teach to the test."
We want to do away with that cliché and give students the opportunity to learn at their own pace.
All students have different strengths and weaknesses and must learn in a way catered to the individual.
With fast paced curriculum, time is short and understanding is lost, creating a disconnect between the student and the subject.
More time means developing an understanding that gives students the opportunity to succeed and influence others.

Critical thinking helps in more than just math and science class.
The ability to properly assess problems on a test leads to lowered stress during the exam and higher test scores.
This process will not only create brighter students, but it will also create more reliable and coherent individuals for the future.

Science and math don't have to be scary!
Newtonian Tutoring provides a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for students to better themselves as individuals and learners.
By employing these techniques students will emerge as stronger individuals with new sights for the future.
Allow us to jump into the mysteries of the world with you.

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