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Tutoring Business in Massapequa, NY - Nassau County



$80 / hour

I am a Reading Specialist, Special Education Teacher, and Administrative Consultant.  I have served as a middle and high school teacher, Special Education Administrator for over 25 years. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Education; a masters degree in Literacy/Reading from Adelphi University; and multiple permanent certifications in Reading, Special Education, School/District/Business Administration. I also taught Differentiation of k-12 curriculum for students with disabilities at Brooklyn College for over 2 years.

I teach students from all background and abilities, including students with learning, emotional disabilities and other impairments from K-12 using differentiated instruction and innovative strategies.  I teach Reading following the Wilson and Orton Gillingham assessments  and strategies to identify students' decoding, fluency, comprehension, and other deficit areas prior to initiating a strong collaboration with parent(s), teacher(s), and other relevant servicers to build and provide personalized sessions guaranteed to improve identified reading issues.  I successfully prepare students for All Regents Exams.

Experience Tutoring:  We believe in learning as a process and that all students can reach their learning potential given the right environment, teaching strategies, and reinforcement.  Sessions are developed based on initial performance assessments in specific areas of needs and customized to meet individual students' strengths and learning styles. Periodic and post assessments are scheduled into learning process to inform of growth, needs, and next steps in teaching and learning process to lead students to independence.



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